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#1 Posted : 13 September 2021 01:12:11(UTC)

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So if you read my other stories, you will know i always leave home with a sports bag full of different gear, incase i get lucky while outdoors.
Some Lycra running tights, Lycra Shorts, Speedos and thongs, plus a Singlet, you never know...

Driving on the coast road over the cliff tops, near to where i live, my mobile rang, so i pulled into a small car park above the cliff tops to take the call.
Multiple car parks along this road pop up for tourist on holiday to walk the coast path, that link up to many little places in Cornwall.
My aim was to drive to the coast for my cycle ride, with my bike strapped on the back, looking at guys on the beach in speedos,
fingers crossed whilst cycling.

A little dirt path off the road, lined with small waist high bushes either side, lead to a small round clearing with a car barrier at the end for safety.
Stopping on the left hand side, turning off the engine, i took the call. Some minutes had passed, and this medium sized camper van pulled in.
Parking on the left hand side of me on a odd angle so no one else to use the space.

Still chatting on my phone, this guy steps out, closed the camper door, and slowly walks to the barrier resting his arms on the fence, taking in the views.
The guy was of average height, in good shape with his tight blue jeans on, nice ass i thought, as my spare hand slipped down on my black lycra shorts.
Having a semi on, still talking on the phone, the guy walked back to his camper van, smilling directly at me as he walked.
My car window was rolled down half way, our eyes meet, and he said, (Gooda Morgan) in a German slang. I replied good morning back with a happy grin.

He open the bigger side door, unclipped the alloy steps, stepped up grabbing a rail, and disappeared inside the van, closing the door.
Ending the call, i sat a while in the car, thinking to myself, what was he doing, if anything in the van. My curiosity grew, still stroking my lycra covered knob.
Suddenly the door opened an he emerged out of the camper, changed his clothes, which peaked my interest. Smiling once again at me walking towards the fence.
He stood there in a tight spandex sleeveless t shirt in gold. A pair of super shiny crimson lycra cycle shorts down to the knee, covering that sweet pert ass.
White sports socks, with black Nike air trainers.

Sliding my car seat back, i grabbed my sports bag, unzipping it while kicking off my trainers. Pulling out a hot pair of shiny purple coloured cycle shorts.
My black lycra cycle shorts off, bowing my body stiff of the car seat, pulling the purple pair on, thinking it would make a nice match with those crimsom shorts.
Next off with the t shirt, exchanging it for a spandex glossy looking mesh silver t shirt, trainers back on, zipping up the bag, i was ready.
My change really took a couple of minutes, this dude looked hot to me, and i knew of my intentions towards him, if they work out for me.
Placing my baseball cap on, opening the door, making sure i made enough noise he'd look over to me, i stepped out the car, closing the door.
Leaning into my car, playing with my phone over the roof, i heard foot steps coming towards me, my heart racing, trying to keep my breathing under control.

A voice said, hi, i'm Klause, happy to meet you as he held out his hand to shake mine. I'm Steve, trying to make eye contact as he looked me up and down.
You look good Steve, in your cycle gear, as do you Klause in yours. What brings you out this way today he asked.
Out for a ride this morning, but my mate rang, so i got side tracked, and ended parking in here. Are you on holiday Klause, yes he replied.
I'm having a cold drink would you like one, o yes if i could, please. Klause walked to his camper my eyes pinned on his butt, as he walked.
Come come, inside please Steve, we drink, as i followed him in. Very nice i thought, a little tight, but a great way to get close.

Look around Steve, make yourself at home. One of the sleeping areas were built above the front driving cabin overhead.
Making my indirect move for Klause as he bent over slightly by the table in the middle of the camper, making our drinks, i gently squeezed past him.
My buttocks gently pressed against his as i moved passed behind him very slowly still looking around. That felt nice Steve, do it again please.
So i stepped back, straddle the backs of my legs on the outside of his, an began rubbing our butt cheeks together, giving me an instant hot on.

Turn now an take your drink please Steve, turning around taking a gulp, Klause added he liked my hot purple lycra shorts, filled with excitement towards him.
Looking down, Klause rock hard tool was showing me alot of interest too. Klause pulled on my butt cheeks with both hands pulling towards him.
Our shiny lycra shorts meet, rubbing my horny purple bulging cock, again and again, striking faster and hard against his own rock hard boner in those crimson lycra shorts. Frotting those hard tools together. Sliding my hand in ocasionally, grabbing his German sauage, wanking him with shear delight.
Klause lead me to the overhead sleeping quarters, jumping up, then jumping on top off him, Klause dug his hands hard into my ass, as our throbbing cocks rubbed together. Sliding down his body, i pulled the shiny crimson cycle shorts down a little. His dick pop out over the top, as i held the stem firmly in my hand.

I began to lick the head, teasing it with my tongue, then swollowing as much as i could, with my lips wrapped around his throbbing stem.
Up and down his shaft, sucking slow then fast. flicking my tongue every now an then around the head, while his hands dug into the mattress.
Then pulling up his lycra shorts, turning him over, hauling my body up over his, watching my harden purple covered shiny dick, dive in an out the crimson
ravine in the middle of his butt cheeks. It felt fantastic, shiny lycra on shiny lycra, two guys, enjoying the moment together, wow.

Moving off Klause, i pulled his lycra shorts off down to the knee, exposing his lightly dusted covering of bum hair, then removing my own shorts to the knee.
Reversing myself around quickly, i planted our firm sweaty buttocks together sliding and flexing like a rodeo king on top of him to his delight.
Then dismounting Klause, with shorts still down, lying head to toe together. I picked up his ankles high in the air, then slid underneath him, watching his balls dangle freely in the air. Pulling him back over my body while lowering him at the same time. Untill his nuts were firmly planted on my testicles.
Watching his nuts shake on my, as i wank my stem hard, squeezing one butt cheek with the free hand. Things started to build to a climax now very quickly.

Coming out from under him, i pulled my shiny purple cycle shorts back up, my cock even showing the veins in the stem now through the shorts, looks fab.
Pulling up Klause's shorts then turning him over, his tool was ready to explode, jutting out of those crimson shiny shorts, we were hot for each other.
Klause was so keen he through me on my back in an instance, grinding his heavy leaded cock, pushing it hard into my rock hard manhood thrusting back.
Locking my legs around his tightly, squeezing his ass with my hands till my fingers nearly broke. Both of us breathing very quick, and very heavy.
The strokes grow faster and faster, looking down one side i could see his hips and thighs, his crimson cladded ass working overtime on top of me.
Klause shouted, i'm coming, i'm coming, while i still held him firmly in place, still watching down one side as my own purple cladded shiny knob would sometimes come into view while frotting away.

Then seeing Klause's crimson shiny cladded dick come into view, how horny is that. My cock started build in size, constantly being bashed by another guys dick.
Here it cums Steve, Klause cried, a few more rubs and grinds, i felt the hot wet sticky cum through his lycra shorts, seeping into my cycle shorts.
Klause was still empting out over me, when i too shot back at him, both bodies still rocking hard against each other till we had no more.

Klause still laid on me when we finished, it was a one off hot super sexy session, i'll never forget. i still played with his ass while he laid on.
Guys in anything super shiny thongs speeds singlets etc, will always have a chance with me.
Hope you like my adventures, and like to hear some of you own..
The colours reds and purple still get my attention today, by anyone who wears its.

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