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#1 Posted : 11 September 2021 14:37:11(UTC)

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This is not actually my first encounter with spandex, but more how I got into shiny sports gear and crossdressing in the turn of millennium. As shiny spandex workout tights got extremely popular a few years later they were just a logical next step for me.

I have had an attraction to shiny sports clothing for as long as I can remember and when I entered my teenage years I started to mastrubate regularly fantazing about fit women in shiny sports gear. Few times I have had thoughts about wearing women's shiny sports gear myself but previously I had never acted on these thoughts. Following happened when I was 14 and I was visiting my family's summer place where also my cousins were.

The place was quite small for the whole family and there wasn’t much privacy and as a 14 year boy I couldn’t do what all the 14 year old boys want to do. So when at dinner on our 3rd last day there my father asked me if I wanted to go to town tomorrow to see some boring event with the rest of the family I declined the offer. They left right after breakfast the following day and wouldn’t be back until evening, so I got the whole place to myself for most of the day! I was excitedly moving around in the place, thinking about what I should fantasize about first when I accidentally pumped into a bag full of my cousin’s clothes. The bag fell over and something blue and shiny was peeking out from the pile. They were my cousin’s brand new shiny navy blue Adidas trackpants. I saw her wearing it during our first day here and she was bitching about how she does not like how the pants make her ass look. I thought that the pants looked really hot and in my hands they felt very soft, silky and slippery. I had put my nose against them and they smelled absolutely amazing, the smell of brand new nylon workout clothes still turns me on. I couldn't resist myself, I just had to try them on myself. I quickly removed all my clothes and slipped the Adidas trackies on. With my wide girly hips it was a perfect fit. The feeling of having my legs and ass wrapped into shiny blue nylon was mind blowing and my dick got the hardest it had ever been. I had to see how my ass looked from a mirror so I quickly rushed in front of a large mirror we had in the living room. I was in luck as the sun was shining from the windows making the pants shine even more. I went on my knees ass still directing to the mirror and damn with these shiny pants, small upper body and long hair I looked like a girl from behind. I couldn’t take it anymore and started touching my extra hard cock through shiny blue nylon. I am the hot sporty girl that everyone wants to fuck, was the thought that was in my mind. I came hard just a few seconds later with my dick still inside my cousin's pants.

I made quite a mesh and being ashamed of myself I took the pants off. I was thinking: What should I do now? The cottage had no washing machine back then… But after a while my shame started to fade away and I thought why don't I just take them into my bag and bring them back home. My cousin hated these pants anyway and as every spoiled teenage girl she had so many clothes with her, even on this trip, and likely wouldn’t miss these. I cleaned the trackies a bit and put them back on. I went to check if my cousin’s cloth pile would have some nice top that would fit with the pants and found a white slightly shiny tank top. Perfect for my slutty sporty girl look! I put the top on and went back to the living room to check my looks from the mirror. I looked even hotter than before. I went on the floor, bent over and my dick got gigantic again. During that time I had already accepted that I’m at least slightly bisexual, but I had never fantazied getting fucked in ass by a guy before. So now when I was bent over on the floor dressed up like a slutty shiny ‘sporty spice’ it came into my mind. I want to get fucked into ass, badly. No, I need to get fucked in ass for being such a dirty slut. Still bent over I started touching my shiny Adidas covered ass and legs thinking about an athletic blond couple from my school. I wanted to submit and get fucked in ass by them both. My fantasy consisted of three parts. First the girl would dominate me, spank and toy my ass while the guy watches and masturbates. Then girl would put on strap-on and fuck me while I suck guys dick. And the final part was getting fucked in ass by the guy while forced to eat out the girl. During my first attempt I didn’t get to the third part as I made a mistake touching my dick too much and I came as soon as I was thinking about strap-on entering my shiny blue ass. Surprisingly I still remained hard after coming and could continue my little adventure. I was truly in heaven touching myself wearing these cum dripping shiny blue pants while thinking about getting spit roasted by the hottest couple in my school. When I got to the third part of my fantasy I just had to put my other hand inside my pants and slowly move my finger near my asshole.I started touching areas around the asshole and it felt great. Surprisingly I noticed my ass was slightly open and I had to try how it feels to put a finger in there. I moaned heavily as my index finger entered my anus. In my head I was getting hard pounding by a hot stud. I started moving my finger up and down while stroking my cock with my other hand. I remember saying out loud ‘please don’t stop, fuck me harder!’. I stroked my dick faster while still fingering my ass and got the feeling that I’m about to come. I also stuck my middle finger into my anus, it hurted a bit but the pain quickly turned into pleasure and I yelled ‘come into my ass!”. Only after few strokes I exploded into my cousin’s shiny Adidas pants and fell shaking face down into the floor. I have had the best orgasm of my life so far.

I rubbed my dick against the pants once more that day thinking about the fun I had previously had but as the pants were so cum covered I did not put them on until I got to wash them back home. I had similar fun multiple times with these pants, including my first time bottoming for a guy. But that is another story :) My crossdressing has involved a lot in 20 years and I mainly use modern spandex tights nowadays, but I still love to take it in the ass wearing shiny old school Adidas trackpants.

I don’t have my cousin’s old Adidas pants anymore as they broke down from the heavy use :). They wouldn’t fit me anyway now. However I found very similar ones on Etsy around 5 years ago, they are a bit small to me but still one of my favorite things to wear. I added a picture of me wearing them with a shiny black top to the post.

Hopefully someday I will find a pair that fits perfectly as my cousin's pants did when I was teenager.

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#2 Posted : 22 September 2021 18:13:01(UTC)

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Great story! I love it. Athletic women in sports gear are amazing, and they get such fantastic shiny smooth colourful stuff! When I saw all the amazing sporty women at university in their team uniforms I couldn't decide if I wanted to date one of them or to be one of them. I tried on my friend's hockey uniform once (without her knowing)... I felt so girly and fuckable, absolutely weak at the knees.

In my fantasies I get caught and that's where the real fun starts ;)
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