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#1 Posted : 11 June 2021 01:17:27(UTC)

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Taking a short weekend break in Devon on a bank holiday weekend, I decided to choose a hotel looking out to the bay. Table and chairs on the balcony with great sea views.
On the Saturday i booked a ticket to see a wrestling company in town that weekend.

When i pack for my holidays, cycle rides, or beach, i always take an assortment of gear.
Thinking maybe i could get lucky while out and about with some cool dude, hopefully.
They had four matches on that evening, big guy versus small lad. Bad guy versus good guy.
An the other two matches were kind of hot younger fast guys, then middle age hot guys to follow.

For me, it was all about the man on man contact, what these guys looked like, and how their kit
fitted them in the ring. The moves, what part of each men, touch the other while wrestling.
Gets me pretty hot under the collar at times, the younger dudes wore hot lycra tights.
Pressing bulges together for us single blokes watching them perform in the ring to get our kicks.
Think they must like it, or know that sort of thing sales tickets for us keen voyeurs.

Ten o clock the matches done, i headed back to the hotel for a nice cool shower in my room.
It had a mini bar in the room so i treated myself to a few drinks that night, with the cool night
breeze blowing in from the sea. On the balcony i heard a raised voice coming from the next
apartment, yelling an shouting.

Picking up my cell phone, turning it to picture mode, i used it like a mirror over the partition apartment wall. A middle age man shouting at the TV, drinking beer in a red and white striped
Singlet, white socks and wrist bands. Wow i though, like to know him tonight in that gear.
He was watching wrestling on the TV, Plus he may have seen the matches in town that night.

Drinking my drink, thinking how i could have some fun with this guy, a plan formed in a second.
Opening my sports bag, searching through my gear, i pulled out my Adidas black and yellow
Singlet, matching Adidas white socks, ready to put my plan into action.
Putting on my night robe to cover up my singlet, i made for the door grabbing a towel on the way.

Heart thumping, i stood out in the hallway, checking up and down each side for movement or other guessed who may have been around. Rolling my keys quickly in my towel, i knocked on his door.
The door opened an this guy just poked his head around, looking at me in my robe, saying can i help you. Brown curly hair, brown eyes, and a neat mustache with a nice smile.

Telling him i was sorry to bother him at this late hour, but i ordered room service not long ago.
A drink and sandwich, When i took the tray in, i searched for a tip, and ran after the waiter in the corridor. The sea breeze must have blown my door shut, so i was locked out of my room and needed the use of his phone to send up a pass key.

The door opened wide as i passed though, then closing the door, i was in. A bit shy, he turned
down the TV, an went to put something on. Walking away, he looked great from behind, thick neck, broad shoulder, slim waist, an those tight buns, mmm.

You have no need to cover up for me mate as he stopped an turned around. His package sitting
nicely in the red and white singlet. I have been to town tonight, an watched the wresting matches.
Then when i can back, i too, switched on the wrestling channel which i love watching.
Placing the towel down, thinking its now or never, unfolded the belt, my robe fell open.
Hey man you look good in the singlet, with a sparkle in his eyes, wide smile on his face.
Taking it off in full view of him, his hand reached for his cock, very nice, you wanna beer.

So we watch TV, both saying which moves we counter with on the bed, if in that position, thinking all the time
i needed some action. Keeping the erection down in my singlet was not easy. Have you tried any
wrestling in real life i asked, No, but i'd liked to mess around with you, if you'd give it a go.
Glancing down his back that shiny red and white singlet covering his curved striped ass.
Yes i'm in, as we stood up off the bed. OK lets kick off with a bearhug, its a simple move.
Stepping forward i placed my arms underneath his arm pits, locking them round his back.
He had the biggest smile on his face filled with excitement in his eyes as i began to squeeze.

Opening my legs, i crushed his chest to mine, a touch of flesh and Lycra was hot for both of us.
As i wrapped my yellow cladded thighs around his our bodies bonded together as one.
You ok i ask as my manhood bounced into his soft bulge, i'm fine, don't stop mate, as his arms
in circled my waist. Guessing he was into lycra sports gear as much as me, i couldn't hold back.
My tool harden fast with every bump and grind, in seconds it was up, it felt great.
I'm with you mate as his boner shot into life, twisting and buckling, ramming on mine.
Lay on the bed face down i ask, watching his nice firm hard rod jutting out between his leg as he laid down on the bed. Good tanned skin, Brown hairy legs, so sexy, as i straddle the small of his back. Moving forward stretched out holding his ankles, pulling then back towards me, his pert little butt tensed up.

Sliding my ass forward, lycra on lycra, i sat on the pert ass, flexing my tight buttocks on his,
pulling his leg back while leaning backwards with all my weight.
Tapping the pillow he shouted i give, i give. Laughing i lay beside him on the bed, both hot an sweaty. Turning over his hard tent came back into view like a tube of tooth paste sticking out.
My hand reach down inside the singlet as i held onto his firm dick, wanking it gently while arching his back.

My mouth moved to his nipples, licking and sucking after moving his strap to one side, yes, he was enjoying everything. Reaching for my cock as if it were his own, me flexing it in his hand.
Excitement was building, breathing heavy and deep, climax wasn't far off.
Removing my hand and his, i let him watch as i rolled over above him, my stiff yellow lycra covered cock pointing at his stripey red an white tent facing back.

Come on then, lower yourself down on me, and lets finish this dude, grinning i did want was asked.
After a couple of passes and swipes, dick on dick, i eased myself down on him, watching the forced
cocks being buried, enclosed in lycra. Locking his hairy calf muscles around my own we began rubbing each other. Slow and shallow, building to fast and hard.

Sticking my tongue in his mouth, kissing him gently, whispering in his ear, i was going to cum all
over you, in your shiny red and white singlets, like all wrestlers wished to do at the end of a match.
Clawing my buttocks, going crazy with desire, the flexing hard swollen boners rammed one another.
His cock started to fill and swell, i could feel it thrusting against mine, to get me up to speed.

I'm nearly there, locking our legs like 4 pieces of harden twisted steel, so am i, as he grasped tighter on my ass, here it cums, i rammed him home.
In seconds his body jerked, shaking underneath with such force. I too, shot my load back.
Everything felt hot, slippery and wet, but our efforts were rewarded, it felt great to cum over
each other.
After a while i rolled off him, our dicks were still semi hard, an a big wet patch covered our lycra bulges. we chatted a little, then i said i had to go. Not before he rolled on top of me, wet soft bulge on wet soft bulge, thanking me very much for coming in to play. Squeezing his bum with my hands, i did tell him of my plan for us that night, which he was more than happy with and like to do again.

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#2 Posted : 14 June 2021 02:25:11(UTC)

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So hot and erotic , I had a guy over i met at a pub who was really into spandex and wanted to try wrestling in skin tight spandex. we now wrestle all the time :-)
#3 Posted : 15 June 2021 15:08:35(UTC)

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really hot!!!!!
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