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#1 Posted : 14 March 2021 18:25:17(UTC)

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Sunday morning cruising in sheer spandex,i went to, a small parking lot with a trail going into the woods, i stopped there before and saw several guys walking around, a few in shorts or spandex and totally bulging, I had on a pair of nike running pants,nothing under... the outline of my big thick cut cock semi hard was totally vivible through them, so i got out and started walking towards the trail, and a guy was parked backed in,his truck door facing trail, so as i walked past his window,he looked over and took a good look at my bulge, he asked, hey do you know what time it is? I walked to his window facing him him looking directly at my bulge, I said yes , let me go to my truck and see my phone to get it, I did and pulled my cock acros my leg a little to make it show very well, i walked back up and stood close and gave him the time,noticing he was sitting there with his cock out the leg of his shorts, big thick soft cock too., he said to me--man i can the outline of your big cock right through those pants. I jokingly said -is it that noiceable? reaching down and putting my hand over it, and pulling the waist band out reaching in grabbing my cock, and adjusting it downward to one side, where it showed the length real good and a perfect outling of my cut head, I asked if that was as noticeable? he said yes and said it looks very nice. I replied with- yeah I like when i see other guys bulging myself, and love guys seeing my cock outlinr bulge. I looked in and asked what are you wearing there...with your cock falling out? He opened his door n got out, he had on white mesh basketball shorts where i could see his cock right through the mesh,, ,,i could see his cock, very thick,semi hard and huge head,probably a good 6" semi hard,could see he was shaved smooth too. . i said very hot, I can see your big fat cock right through them and its getting me very horny. He rolled his tinted window up and pushed his door open all the way to block us a little, although we were facing the trail. He reached down n started rubbing my cock and balls very slow n good, stroking on my cock some,he reached in and grabbed it and put it back across my leg,and lifted my balls up,so my balls were bulging through too, i stood there, him sitting on the rocker panel of his truck,his face inches from my cock,,he rubbed it ,masged my balls,,,put his mouth over my balls n licked them thru the material,,then ran his mouth up over my cock to the head,,took the head into his mouth through material,,then with both hands, reached to my waist band and lowered them to the ground, my cock was more than semi,almost stiff, it sprung out and was pointed downard a lil and towards him,,he came up,,and mouth only.took my cock in his mouth,,i felt a huge gush of saliva as he took the head in,put his tongue under my cock,,and slowly took it all the way down,,then cam back up very slowly, no suction,very loosely up to my head, and repeated that a good 20 times until my cock was rock hard and throbbing..then he continued the same but also took his hand and cupped my smooth big tight balls, and lightly felt them as he continued base to tip very slow,wet,and sensual... I was close to cumming, and stopped him,,helped him up,as i sat where he was, i felt his flopping fat cock through his see through shorts, stretching them over it tighter to see it much better..,then put my wouth over his huge mushroom head through the shorts,reaching up his leg and lightly feeling/tickling his big smooth balls,,as i ran my mouth over his cock ,i reached up and grabbed his waist band,,slowly lowering his shorts, dying to see his cock flop out,,as i did, i noticed he was completely smooth shaven aside from a thin landing strip above his cock,i lowered slowly, seeing his extremely thick cock with veins showing and maybe 6" still not hard, i dropped them to his ankles, as i came up,,i took his balls in my mouth ,feeling his big fat cock on my face...i sucked them very slow ,and lightly,slurping and kissing,,as i let them out,i moved my mouth to the base of his cock,using my mouth to push it upward as i ran my wet lips and mouth up the bottom to his huge head, i looked up at him,as he watched me take his big head into my mouth, n hands,,sucking on it lightly for a bit, letting my spit build and run down his cock...i very slowly,tesingly,,i took it in very slowly until i had it all in(so thick and a mouthful still semi) I came up very slowly stopping half way ,back down,up half,down,,up to head and slurped on that for a bit,very gent;y n wet, pulled off,,spit into my right hand,reached up and wrapped it over his fat cockunderhand so we could both see me stroking it very slow top to bottom,feeling it growing and getting thicker,rock hard, as it did i spit into my other hand and started using both hands stroking his huge cock (id say 9 to 11 " rock hard) ocassionally taking it back into my mouth only able to really take in 7 to 8" i kept up until he finally grabbed my head and pushed it almost all in,filling my throat and shooting a huge load down. he had me move up n sit on the seat, leaning as far back over the counsel,one foot on the door rest, legs spread wide on the edge of the seat, he kneeled,and sucked on my balls very very good,,,as he was down ,,i noticed a guy walking in the woods ahead that i figured was coming our way, so i stood up, he stayed kneeled sucking my cock, the guy was heading towards us, he was wearing a pair of joggers and i could clearly see his cock was flopping around in them ,as he got closer, i could see more of an outline of his cock,seeing a big head showing through. he was 20 ft away or so and was obvious he saw what we were doing, so as we made eye contact,i nodded,he nodded back,as he reached down and tugged his cock a couple tugs so id notice.. i smiled, he walked closer and said, do you mind if i watch, i said please do..he stepped on the side of the door we were on and saw the other guy sucking on my balls,my cock rock hard , and said wow what a nice cock.. as he started rubbing his through his joggers,3 to 4 ft awat, as i watched him very good, seeing his flopping cock start to get hard and want to poke thru, i said take those off and let me see that cock. he untied them and lowered them, a long thin cock with a very very big mushroom head sprung out, that wasnt completely hard yet, his balls were shaved smooth,hanging low,and trimmed very short above,, i said step closer, as he did,i took his cock in my hand and stroked it very slow and easy, feeling it quickly get hard (id guess 8.5") very thin but a huge head way thicker than his cock,maybe 1.5 times bigger,a huge helmet. as i felt his cock,i talked dirty-telling him how nice his cock looks, and that i never felt a head that big,as i put my hand around it. . i said would you like us to both suck on it? yess as the guy let off mine, i kneeled with him and the new guy took where i was standing. his cock inches from our faces, we both started kissing it,slurping, as i moved towards his head, i cracked my jaw and got my mouth wet, and slowly put my lips on it,slowly going over it until i hit his shaft,,and gave him a sensual mouthjob over his big head for a couple minutes, then going down on his cock,feeling that big head move along my tongue and fill my throat, i let the other guy take over, as i stood up close to the new guy and let him feel on my cock, he came within 2 minutes, and dropped to his knees and they both finished sucking me off,,until i exploded, dropping a few thick full spurts on both their tongues.
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#2 Posted : 14 March 2021 18:29:52(UTC)

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very hot encounters... thanks for sharing
#3 Posted : 16 March 2021 17:20:56(UTC)

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Hot stuff. Thanks for sharing
#4 Posted : 05 April 2021 02:15:18(UTC)

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Great post, now if I only knew which park so I can join in on the fun :)
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