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#1 Posted : 28 December 2018 17:51:34(UTC)

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I’ve recently moved into a new apartment complex, which has an outdoor gated pool that is open from 10:00AM-10:00PM. To get into the pool, you need an access card, which I finally received a few days ago. Ever since I got the access card, I’ve been “carding” myself in right before the pool gate automatically locks up for the entire night.

The pool is surrounded by the apartment’s clubhouse and a few apartment units (up to two floors), so people who go for a swim (or go to relax in the outdoor hot tub) are fairly visible to those residents.

Yesterday, I walked over to the pool right before it hit closing time, and carded myself in. I was wearing my favorite Joe Snyder Yellow bikini (my avatar picture), which is extremely sheer when wet. It’s been extremely hot lately in California, especially because of the drought, so the late night swim was refreshing.

What made it fun though was when two guys wanted to go for a swim as well, asking for me to open the pool gates. I got nervous and tried to stall, but they were very persistent so I eventually climbed out of the pool in my very sheer yellow bikini. Once I let them in, they lightheartedly said I had a “very nice suit.” I thanked them and told them it was one of my favorites, and lo and behold, it turns out they both had speedos underneath their shorts. The taller, more slim blonde (lets call him John) had a 3 inch Black Speedo and the shorter, but definitely more muscular (lets call him Brian) Asian guy was wearing a 2 inch Navy swim brief.

They both swam in the pool, while tossing jokes and chatting casually; meanwhile, I was on the more shallow end just relaxing. Eventually they went over to me and started talking, turned out they are both housemates and we all attend the same university.

About 10 or so minutes passed before they both said they were going to go to the hot tub, and asked if I would like to join them. I said sure, and when I got out of the pool, they both nonchalantly started talking about how nice my legs were. I thanked them again, and this time said both of them were attractive in their suits. They laughed and smiled.

After settling into the hot tub, sitting across from John and Brian, we talked about usual stuff: things we did during the summer, how was moving in, what campus organizations we were a part of. About 20 minutes later, I noticed John and Brian slowly starting to feel each other up. I got aroused almost instantly, and they noticed and asked if I wanted to join them. I did, and sat in between them. I was really scared about getting caught by nearby residents but was too hard to think otherwise. We played with each other’s cocks, and then John got impatient and told me to go out of the hot tub and onto my knees. He pulled down my suit and then started rimming me! I had trouble holding in my moaning, as at anytime any nearby residents could hear or see us. Brian helped out with that problem though, removing his navy speedo and letting me suck his (about 6 inch) cock. It was an amazing experience.

I couldn’t last very long because I was so overwhelmed so I came first, then Brian came all over my face. He said he felt bad so he wiped it all off with his hand, and then licked his cum off his hand. He was so hot. After that, John started jerking off and came onto Brian’s face. After that we quickly cleaned up and got dressed because we felt paranoid, and eventually exchanged contact info so that we could meet up next time at the pool. Gosh, it was amazing![img]http://[/img]
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#2 Posted : 28 December 2018 22:15:11(UTC)

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Astonishing story. And so horny ! I wonder what happened next time you guys met :)
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#3 Posted : 31 December 2018 01:52:52(UTC)

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#4 Posted : 31 December 2018 18:57:53(UTC)

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So hot sounds like a fun time
#5 Posted : 10 January 2019 04:14:42(UTC)

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Great story and love you go thong in public. I’m the same and it certainly opens doors in the right place
#6 Posted : 10 January 2019 17:49:34(UTC)

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That’s such an amazing experience! Where do you live...any apts open/available? Haha!
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