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#1 Posted : 16 November 2018 06:37:23(UTC)

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I'm just in one of those moods to write at the moment~

The first time I can recall seeing spandex was when I was in kindergarten. I had a classmate/friend whom I still keep in contact with to this day, that happened to live close to where I was at. Of course, our families would do these outings to get to know each other and stuff. I remember seeing that shiny material on her--it was a pair of royal blue tights with a pink stripe on the side of the leg. I still have the picture of her and I in an arcade driving game from back in the day, and of course she was sitting down, legs crossed, giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

I was hooked! I always imagined how nice and shiny her spandex was. It was always on the back of my mind. There were multiple times that I would go over to her house and play and her coming over to my place, but the times I was there, I would try to find an opportunity to go into her dressers when no one was looking to see if I could find it. I think I got caught one time by her parents, but they probably thought I was just a curious kid. I never could find her blue spandex tights in her dressers, but I knew she had them somewhere--she wore them a few more times during the course of the year.

As a boy and curious kindergartener, I remember..."not keeping my hands to myself", when she was wearing her spandex. I did it a few times until she had enough and threatened to tell my mom about it, which definitely stopped the touching.

In first grade, she wore a pair of lime-green colored bike shorts. For some reason her mom was hanging out with her before school started, and I remembered that somehow another classmate, Jocelyn, wore the same pair of bike shorts--I remember Jocelyn talking to my friend's mom, most likely about the coincidence of them both wearing a pair of shiny, tight, bike shorts.

In second grade, I remember I sat next to some guy who happened to mention that he was going to go cycling after. Trying to build up conversation skills, I remember him hiking up his cargo shorts to reveal a pair of mostly black but patterned bike shorts under. It was nice to see it that up close.

Bike shorts seemed like it was definitely something I was going to like! One time, I remember going shopping with my mom. She was looking at something when I remember seeing a guy wearing bike shorts--he had a major erection in those black, tight shorts. He looked at me and he knew I was staring at his erection. I remeber him turning his head away from me and onto whatever he was looking for--at that time, I think this guy was probably doing it for a thrill, but definitely not expecting a kid to look at him. Honestly, I think he was embarrassed at that point.

In the sixth grade, I was trying to break out of my mold for just wearing shorts. I remember going with my mom to Mervyn's, trying to ask for a pair of boys bike shorts, remembering vividly how tight it clung to my classmate's leg in the second grade. The employee said no, they didn't, which put me down a little bit. I ended up going with a pair of black, nylon shorts, thinking that maybe I was wrong about seeing my classmate's bike shorts tightness on him. I didn't give up--I remembered asking my parents to constantly buy the Sunday paper to scour the Target ads, with many of the ads showing bike shorts.

I can't remember when, but was eventually able to find a pair of plain, black shiny bike shorts. They might've been for a girl, but in reality, it could've been for either gender. I remember playing with myself in it many times--I was so sad when the fabric started ripping, especially where my growing cock was at. At least, I knew I was able to get it.

In high school, the appearance of spandex shorts was a little more prevalent, especially when I joined the track team. Although I had the perfect opportunity for me to wear them under those super short track shorts, I never did. Again, I was trying to break out into wearing shorts more often. Also, my mind was concentrating more on winning. The next year, I remember being a track manager, which is basically an assistant to a coach. I made a giant step, voluntering to buy spandex shorts for some of the girls on the team. I went back to that same Mervyns and bought like six or seven pairs of plain, cotton pair bike shorts. I felt that I had a cover, because I was buying for the track members. I even remember the cashier asking me if I was buying for the team, to which I said yes. I think I pulled it off like it was something normal, but deep down I was super excited. I passed out the cotton spandex shorts to the members and remembered keeping a large pair for myself.

Then in 1998, the smash hit Resident Evil 2 came out, with the female protagonist Claire Redfield showcasing her bike shorts as part of her outfit. There were other games which I took notice too with spandex, such as Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8, but Resident Evil was more popular in my opinion. Though I couldn't find anyone much to share my true feelings about spandex with, I did find others that were actually into the game.

Then for a long time, nothing really happened. The girls I dated weren't really into tight spandex, and I had other things to keep my obsession with spandex under control (making out with this girl so much that I accidentally came in my white jeans, something I've developed to like). It wasn't only until recently, like a year or two, that I wore my cycling spandex outdoors in public. I found my sense of calm and normalness, just like when I bought those many pairs of spandex for the track team. Since then, I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I go cycling in my spandex, and often end up with a hot, messy, goop in my cycling shorts.

I hope one day I can have an unexpected, legitimate counter in my spandex shorts, where I end up cumming my shorts in the presence of someone!

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