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#1 Posted : 31 December 2021 03:01:24(UTC)

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This is a work of fiction. If you want me to write a story with your fantasy just pm me ;-)
Pls enjoy my other stories. I would love to get some feedback from you :-)


I know my best friend Sarah since I was a small child. She was my neighbour and we always played together. She was like my sister. When we grew older we would visit the same school and hang out after school. I became a member of the swimteam and she became a cheerleader. When we participated in tournament we would always cheer for each other. Thats what happend this weekend but something got out of hand...

Sarah and her team took part in a cheer competition and reached the finals. The finals were planed for the next day. I was waiting at the dressing room entrace to congratulate her. When she came out she quickly charged to me and hugged me! "We did it!" She screamed. She is a blonde long haired girl with icey blue eyes, 1,75 cm high and slim with fine developed breasts. Every guy asked me for her number and wanted to date her. Only I knew her secret, that she was a lesbian. So beeing on the cheerteam was her dream come true. "YEAH! You totaly crushed them!" We talked about the competitors and the moves for like an hour so we didn't realy realized that nearly everybody already left. That was when Julie approached us.

"Hey, you two are still here. Thank god. I have kind of a problem. My mom called and told me that our washing machine broke down and I can't clean my uniform in a public laundry because I have an appointment later. Can you do that for me Sarah?" Julie was Sarahs secret crush. She was big around 1.85 cm height, muscular but still feminine and had short brown hair. Sarah blushed "Sure I, can do that! It will be the cleanest uniform you have ever seen! And the best smelling one!" "Thanks, I guess. See you tomorrow!" Then she handed her the bag with the uniform and left. Sarah looked at me with a confused look "Do you think she noticed me beeing nervous?" "No, not at all!" i said ironicly. "You did great for the first seconds but then you got all weird. The cleanest and best smelling uniform?" I started laughing. "Damn..." She said. "Let's go to the bus stop before you try to clean something else from her. We went outsite the building. It was raining heavy. When we approached the street a big SUV drove through a puddle and got us both soaking wet. "Oh shit! Damn asshole!" I screamd." "What a jerk. I need to change into something dry before I catch a cold or something. I can't be sick tomorrow!" "But what dou you want to wear?" "I still have my cheer uniform. We might go back and i can change into it." "Ok, lets do that."

So we went back for her to change clothing. "Wow, it's completly empty here. You need to change too or you well get sick. I need you tomorrow to cheer for me." "I have no spare clothing Sarah. I will be ok!" "I have some! Here take Julies Uniform and put it on. It might be your size." "What, no way!" "Come on! I dressed you in my clothes when we were young, so don't behave like a little princess!" To be honest... I always stared at the cheer uniforms and was kind of curious. This might be a once in a lifetime situation. "Come on! You look girly so noone will notice!" She was not wrong. Because of my swimming club I was always shaved, had short brown hair and not that manly face. "Fine, I'll do it. But just for you!" I went to the dressing room with Julies bag. I stripped my clothes off including my underwear and opened her bad. The uniform was Black grey and silver With a wide skirt with integrated short shorts underneath and a crop top with a bolero like jacket. (Like this image1, image2, image3, image4) The clothes were still a bit sweaty but drier then my clothes. I pulled the shorts and skirt compination up my legs and noticed my dick getting hard. The material was so tight and silky I enjoyed it.It had Julies smell on it wich made it even hotter. Imagining her wearing this made me realy horny. Glady the wide skirt covered my growing erection. I pulled the top and the bolero on and got out.

Sarah stood there amazed and laughed. "Wow, you could be her twin sister! It realy suits you!" She blushed and lokked away while giggling. "Come on, let's go!" i said. "I don't want to wear this the whole day!" "Awwww! Too bad. You look realy good! Even a bit sexy!" She said with a smile on her face. She never revered to me as sexy or hot. That was new to me but I tried to ignore that. I needed to go home and change. "What ever! I'm going now. With you or without." "OK, fine!" We left the building to the bus stop. Every step I made forced the silky material to glide on my dick. I couldn't realy concentrate on anything, I just tried not to cum. We finaly reached the bus stop and after a few minutes the bus arriaved. The journey would last for 45 minutes - to be more specific: the longest 45 minutes I ever experienced.

So we sat together side by side. She came closer to me and started to cuddle with me. "I am still a little bit cold and you are so warm. You need to warm me up a bit." She took my arm and wraped it around her neck while laying her head down on my chest. She took my arm so fast that my hand flinged and hit her breast. She didn't say anything, either she ignored it or didn't notice. She then held my hand around her neck with her both hands pushing her breasts with her arms up. They looked enormous. My dick started to grow even harder. I tried to keep calm but we didn't talk for like 10 minutes. It must have been my imagination but her legs and hips wiggled around, like she needed to pee. Or was she horny too? She seemed to take deep breaths inhaling the smell of the uniform as she dozed off and fell asleep. After 10 more minutes we came to a part of the street, where the road had some potholes. My cock got - with a lot of willpower - soft again. I had the hope that she might wake up so she wouldn't infatuate me with her body so I don't have to focus so hard anymore. That hope died very quick.

The potholes made me move so my cock started rubbing that soft and silky material once again. There goes my focus and my dick got hard again. A few potholes later one hand that held mine let loose and fell right into my crotch. Right onto the skirt and next to my hard dick. The next potholes didn't just make my dick move around in the shorts her hand startet gliding with the skirt around my dick too. Now my penis was rockhard and started twitching. I tried to keep it calm for the next 10 minutes but I started to leak precum. I needed to get rid of her hand otherwise I would cum realy hard. I took her hand and carefully dropped it on her lap. The ride went on for 10 more minutes as I tried to calm my dick down once again. Then Sarah finaly woke up. She was a bit drowsy and started looking around, then out of the window and then up to me. "Good morning princess!" I said jokingly to her. "Howlong have I been asleep?" "Long enough to miss the entire ride! We'll be there in 5 minutes." "Cool!" She lifted her arms to stretch but in the movement she lifted up her skirt shortly. Was there a wet spot on her shorts? Or was it just a shadow? Must be my horny mind that's playing games on me I thought.

Finaly we reached our destination and got off the bus. A yound man who left the bus with us approached me. "Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but you are so hot I needed to talk to you. Want to go out sometime?" I made my voice even deeper and said "Nah, bro! You are not my type!" He looked in disbelieve and shock turned around and screemed angrily "Stupid tranny whore!" Sarah and i started laughing. "Wow, do I look that girly? How emberassing..." "Well actually you do!" she said without looking me in the eye. "I realy need to change clothes. Let's bring you home and then i can go change at my place." "We can take our time! I enjoy beeing escorted by a hot chick like you!" "Stop it! Really! Please..." Her beeing that flirty won't help me keeping a calm mind while walking her home. As I experienced before walking in that outfit is quite stimulating.

Walking her home was challenging but I did it. We kept talking outside of her place about tomorrow and where to meet up and on what time when it suddenly started to rain again. "Let's keep talking inside. The rain will be over soon than you can walk home withut getting wet again." "Well guess you're right." We went up into her room. I sat down onto her bed while she sat down on her desk chair. While we had a little chat I noticed her coming closer and closer with her chair. We started talking about her teams victory and she started hugging me "You know! Without your cheering I may not have perfomed that well. You are realy my best friend and I'm glad that you're here with me. She was definitly sniffing on me again while she hugged me. This time I was sure. This was weird even for her. "I need to go somewhere. I'll be right back." She said. 3 minutes passed by and i was thirsty. I went to the kitchen and got something to drink. On my way back to her room I heard something strange from the bathroom. I knocked on the door "Are you ok in there?" The door wasn't closed properly so my knocking just opened it. She stood there playing with her right hand on her left hard nipple and the left hand right down her pants!"

"I'm so sorry... Ehhm I think I will go back into your room and let you finish" I said nervously. "Oh no! I'm so sorry. But the uniform just made me really... well... you know..." she said. Her face turned completly red. "And the look on you reminded me of Julie." I just wanted to defuse this situation but I just didn't know what to say "Hey... ehhm... I can totaly relate to you. This uniform made me realy horny too. I don't know why but it just feels really good on my skin." "Exactly! I love it too! That silky tight feeling on the skin and especialy between the legs. You know thats why the cheerleaders don't wear underwear in that shorts. It's so that the moisture can dry up faster." She said and winked at me. Wild thoughts flew around my head. So my dick is right there where Julies vagina and juices where. I felt my dick growing hard again. I needed to get out as fast as i could. "Well i can leave the clothes her for you and put my wet clothes on. I'll be home in no time so I don't mind. You can do whatever you want to do then." I winked at her trying to be cool. "Or... we can help each other out. We are both horny and want some fun right?" She grabed my hand and pulled my into her room.

She threw me right onto her bed and got on top of me. She started caressing my chest and rubbing my nipples with her thumbs. My nipples got hard and more sensitive as she rubed them harder. Then she started licking them and inhaling the sweet smell of Julie while caressing my upper body. Her hands slit from my chest over my lycra covered arms then to my shoulders until they reched my ches again. I let out a little moan. "So you're enjoying it my little princess." "Oh shit I do!" "Then let's gon a step further." She sarted reaching to my back and slid her hands slowly down to my skort covered ass. She kissed me wildly, twisting her tongue around mine like they played catch in my mouth, while pressing my crotch from behind and her pussy against each other. She got her upper body up and sat down on me like a cowgirl and grinded on my dick. I could feel the wetness right through our clothes on my dick. Then she got down, right with her face to my dick. She lifted the skirt and sniffed at my dick. "Oh yeah, i can smell Julies pussy right where your cock is. Lately I've been watching this japanese stuff where some girls have dick. I always dreamed about a dick girl for myself. Having a Julie-Dickgirl ist the best." Then she sarted licking my lycra-clad dick through the shorts and while her right hand hold my dick firm her left hand travled down her shorts and massaged her clit. After a few moments I moaned hard and came into the skort. She licked it all clean, smiled at me and said "now for round two. I want to have fun too you know."

She got up and went to her dresser. She pulled a large box out and opened it. She got a double dildo and lubricant. If you are going to be a dick girl, you will cum as one. "I don't know... This thing looks big. I don't think it will fit." "Shut up and take it like the girl you are!" She pulled her skort down lubricated her self and the dildo and led it in slowly while letting out some moans. She pulled her skort up and led the dildo through her right leg and lowered the skirt. She wiggled with her hips so the huge dildo dangled from side to side under her skirt. "Looks like I got a big package down there, dont you think?" "Well yes, it is realy big. I still don't think this is a good idea." "No, you will love it! For sure. She grabbed the lubricant, pulled my skort down and started to lubricate my ass. "And dont forget the inside, so it will slidein better!" She said and put her fingers into my ass. At firt it felt weird but not bad to be honest. Then she started to massage my prostate and my dick got hard again. "See? Your body tells another story and it seems to like it. Now lay on the back!" I did so. She pulled my skort up again and led the other end of the dildo through the leghole into my ass and pushed it slowly deeper. "Now relax and take a deep breath." Then she rapidly pushed the last few inches into me while my body left a big and girlie moan. "Told you you'll like it!" Sarah said. Then she started to fuck me. At first slow but faster and faster from minute to minute. She massaged her left nipple again while pinching and playing with her clitoris. I started pinching my now extremly sensitive nipples and pushed my ass to her so she could enter me even deeper. After a few moments we both came really hard and with a loud moan.

We lay down on her bed and cooled down for a bit. "Wow! That was awesome!" Sarah said. "Yeah, that was intense." "You know what. I might have taken more clothing from her. Are you still up for some fun?" She asked while rubbing her leg on my dick which responded automaticly. "Well I guess so..."
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Super story! You're pushing a lot of my buttons there... :) Happy new year!
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