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#1 Posted : 30 June 2020 18:38:01(UTC)

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Hey everyone
I've been lurking on here for a few years and thought now might be as good a time as any to share my first experience with spandex and sports gear.
Its very detailed and therefore very long, apologies

My first experience came via a roommate i met in my first year of college when I was 19.
He played loads of sports (whereas I never played sports at all) and was ALWAYS wearing some form of sports gear (soccer/rugby jerseys, quarter zip shirts, compression tights etc.)
He would frequently comment on the fact that I had no sportswear and was always in a shirt and jeans, that what he wore was so comfortable.
This almost always followed with him asking me if i wanted to try some of his gear on to see for myself. I found it more than a little creepy and always said no.

Around November, we had the floor to ourselves and got some cans and weed in.
I remember exactly what he was wearing: A an almost skintight black longsleeve nike quarter zip drill shirt with grey workout slacks.
(Think of a black, slightly older version of this:)

The zip of the drill shirt was open slightly and I could see the high neck of a blue skintight under armour shirt along with its distinctive x logo clinging to his neck just above it
as well as the tip of a red and yellow silky-looking soccer shirt.
This was the exact brand of under armour shirt

At this point, I didn't even mention it, it was common for him to wear multiple layers even when indoors.
We played XBOX, smoked and drank. The plant probably helped because we both got a bit more candid as the night went on.
I noticed that he was literally sweating due to the layers and said to him "why are you wearing all those layers indoors with the heat on?"
He ran to his room, about half a minute later he came back with an under armour shirt in his hand and said "I told you, its the most comfortable thing ever, just try it on and see, I don't care".

I awkwardly took my t-shirt off and slipped on the black skintight under armour he handed me.
He said "let me fix it for you so its comfortable" and he ran his hands down my back, sides and arms smoothing out the material. He then pushed the material tightly into my arm pits and ran a few forefingers inside the shorter collar around my neck, puling it and letting it snap back.
Inwardly my stomach dropped to the second floor. I had never felt anything like it in my life. It felt so amazing on my skin and the way he felt me when I was wearing it...
(see images attached at bottom for the shirt i wore, although these weren't taken at the time)

I played it cool and said yeah its comfortable, still slightly self conscious.
He seemed slightly put out and ran back to his room.
He arrived back with a silky, shiny blue and yellow irish "game" jersey that he got sent by his family.
The jersey looked something like this from memory

"Here, try this on too, the way the material slides about is amazing"
My heart was thumping at this point and I had no idea why.
Saying nothing I put the shirt on over the top of the under armour shirt and he ran his hand up and down my front moving the shirt as he did. There was a faint nylon-y sound as the layers were being rubbed together.
At this point I was getting embarrassed, wondering what i was doing, not knowing what else to say i asked him what type of sports gear he was wearing under his quarter zip shirt.
He pulled it off and my heart fell into my stomach again.

I could now see that his under armour shirt was longsleeve too.
The hours sitting in the heat (which we had no control over) had caused him to sweat quite a lot.
Massive sweat patches were bleeding though his under armour shirt and jersey. Right up his back, under his arm pits and around his neck.
As he's explaining the gear i'm not even listening.
I interrupted him and pointed out how much he was sweating.
Pretending not to see where, he said "where? show me" I pointed to his armpits and mentioned his back.
He said "where on my back, show me"

At this point all pretence was lost.
I slid my hand underneath the back of his jersey, ran it down his back and said "here".
There was silence, I thought i'd went too far and started to apologize when he turned around and started kissing and feeling me up. I did the same back.
His head was under my jersey licking and sucking any area covered in the spandex, my hands were all over his back and front and under his collar which i was pulling back tightly.

He then pulled his old brick of a phone out and asked if he could take photos.
Don't ask me what part of that sentence landed me back in reality but i suddenly realized how I had went from a straight guy with no fetish to a gay guy with a strange sportswear fetish in the space of half an hour. I felt like it was the weed and started to freak out, I felt like I was making a huge mistake.
I jumped up, told him it was a mistake and ran to my room.
I looked at myself, standing in gear stick to my body covered i sweat wondering how i'd got there.
I sat in my room for what must have been half an hour looking at the wall. I could hear that he never moved a muscle.

I calmed down, told myself that this had been a long time coming and walked out of my room.
I'll never forget his face, drained of all color waiting for me.
He started to apologize and this time I was the one that interrupted him and said "I just found out a lot about myself and i needed time to process it"
He started to cry a bit and i walked over and we hugged.
What a scene it must have been, the 2 of us, standing there hugging and crying in full sportswear as if we just finished a soccer match!

I explained to him that things were moving too fast for me, but "you were right about the sports gear" we laughed and laughed through the awkwardness.
We didn't take things any further, instead we spent the night spooning and gently feeling each other's gear.
I woke up the next morning half hoping half not hoping it was a bad trip.
The fact we were both still wearing the gear removed any doubt.

What happened next? Well, now things were out in the open he started to buy gear for us to use whenever we had the floor
After a few months, we came to the conclusion that we were only using each other as a mannequin for the gear.
I was completely fine with it until he met a girl. He became very distant and stopped wearing gear altogether.
I doubt he ever told her what we got up to and he's married to someone else now so I doubt it matters now.
In the end I still thank him for introducing me to gear!

Who knows, he might even be on here - PM me if you are - JC!

PS. I've attached some pics of my favourite shirt from that time - it brings me right back and there has never been another under armour shirt made since that feels as good!
UserPostedImage UserPostedImage UserPostedImage
If anyone has any pics wearing this shirt I would be eternally grateful (i'm also willing to swap) I know there are other threads on here mentioning similar ones too, its very hard to find these days!
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#2 Posted : 01 July 2020 23:32:22(UTC)

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Love the story. My intro was wearing Speedos playing water polo in high school but never had an intimate encounter like yours
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sulde93 on 07/07/2020(UTC)
#3 Posted : 06 July 2020 18:32:57(UTC)

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He’s probably secretly wearing gear; wishing it could be the way it once was.
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sulde93 on 17/09/2020(UTC)
#4 Posted : 25 July 2020 14:22:12(UTC)

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super hot story! Loved it
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sulde93 on 17/09/2020(UTC)
#5 Posted : 14 September 2020 13:54:40(UTC)

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Fantastic story! the part where you mention the 2 nylon/spandex layers rubbing together game me chills!
So this guy would just casually walk around wearing gear indoors, not playing any sport? what sort of gear would he wear?
I wish it was more socially acceptable to do that!
Any other encounters you want to mention?
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sulde93 on 17/09/2020(UTC)
#6 Posted : 17 September 2020 16:46:23(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: ewart5 Go to Quoted Post
Fantastic story! the part where you mention the 2 nylon/spandex layers rubbing together game me chills!
So this guy would just casually walk around wearing gear indoors, not playing any sport? what sort of gear would he wear?
I wish it was more socially acceptable to do that!
Any other encounters you want to mention?

Thanks man
Pretty much, he never seemed to care and no one else bar one guy ever mentioned it as far as I know.
Ah I think it pretty much is socially acceptable - a lot of guys wear jerseys and running bottoms casually, girls wear running tights casually.
The only difference here is he used to wear longsleeve under armour and running tights underneath his jerseys/shorts despite him not playing any sport that day, or would wear no jersey at all and just lay around in the under armour compression while watching TV etc.
The jerseys themselves would always be very tight, silky and shiny and he never seemed to 'support' the teams he wore.
I very rarely ever caught him not wearing gear of some sort and he would always bring the subject up which is what set him apart in my mind.

Yeah, more than a few stick out in my mind he particularly liked using baby oil (which i liked) and getting sweaty in the gear (which took me a while to get used to)
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