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#1 Posted : 13 April 2019 09:51:40(UTC)

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I thought you might enjoy what I experienced yesterday evening. true story.

This happened last night, around 10:00 p. m. I chat with a guy on a dating site. I like his picture, him in a bathing suit, from behind, in a river landscape at the end of the day, both romantic and mysterious. He is openminded, and likes submission. I like lycra, what interests him. He is about thirty years old, average height, sportive body. We agree on a meeting at my house with a scenario: he will undress while I am in the dark, blindfold himself, and I will come and caress him in a lycra outfit. We will not talk, I will give him indications by messages via the application. Deal! Even if I've already met guys in lycra, I've never done this kind of submissive and silent script...

For myself, I choose a full body black suit, which leaves only the hands, feet and head visible. I place a lamp in the middle of the living room, and turn off everything else. He sends me a message: he has arrived on my street. I tell him to ring the bell, I'll open the door, he'll wait a minute and come in. I open the door and sit in a corner of the room in the dark. A little later, he enters and finds himself in the living room. He closes the door, sees the dimmed lamp, lsoftly lightening in the middle of the room. I write:
- welcome
- thank you
- undress by the lamp, at your convenience.
- Okay.

He doesn't see much in the living room, he guesses me in the corner, when the screen of my smartphone lights up my face. He undresses from behind. I see his muscular and smooth back, his shaved legs. His whole body is shaved. He stays in black boxer shorts. He writes:

He takes off the boxer shorts, always from behind. His buttocks, lit by the weak lamp, are very beautiful, round and firm. I look, sitting in my corner, masturbating in my lycra suit. He turns a little, I see his sex erect, wide, still a little curved. He writes:
-I'm a little hard.
He caresses himself gently. Take his sex in hand, which finishes hardening. His body is beautiful, all smooth, well drawn, firm. He guesses me around. We're a few yards away, masturbating for each other.

I write:
-Blindfold yourself.
He takes one of those sleeping masks they give on the planes, which he brought, and puts it on. He is now blind. He continues to caress himself. I get up quietly, he can barely hear my steps. I look at his body close to me, I hear his breathing, I look at his hand caressing his sex. I stand behind him, and I approach slowly: my bulge that points through the lycra suit is very close to his round buttocks. I get a little closer, and my bulge touches his butt. He unleashes a sigh of pleasure and puts his hands on his head, as a sign of submission. I rub my bulge against his buttocks, and put my hands on his hips. His body is soft and warm. He wiggles gently at my pace, moaning discreetly. I rub my body against his back. I am very excited about the situation. So does he. He lowers his arms and comes to get my body, he caresses the lycra and seems very excited by this material he discovers. We tighten up, his body very hard against my lycra. I come in front of him, I see his face masked, his mouth open with excitement, I feel his breath. I'm approaching my face. He's looking for my mouth, we kiss. Our bodies rub against each other, his sex against my bulge, I hold his buttocks, he tighten me and caresses my gear that he can only discover with his hands. We kiss with passion. I move a little further away, gently licking his nipple, armpit, hip, and then leaving him.

I'm going to look for a purple leotard, I put it in his hand. I raise his blindfold from behind, and I'll sit back in the shadows. He still hasn't seen me. He discovers the leotard, tries to understand how to put it on, and puts it on. I masturbate looking at him. The leotard is stretched over his body, bringing out his buttocks and sex. He caresses himself, masturbate. I look at it from a distance, then write:
-Go up the stairs with your blindfold and put it back up.
He turns his head and sees a mezzanine staircase near him. He goes upstairs, and sends me a message:
-Okay, I put the blindfold back on.
I'm going up too.

He's standing in my room, from behind, by the bed. He faces my wardrobe, in front of a mirror. A naked man, in his leotard, blindfolded, in my room. I don't know him, he's waiting for me. I come behind him, I stick my body against his, my hands caress the leotard and his body through the fabric, his sex erect in the lycra. I look at my gestures in the mirror. It is cambered with pleasure. I look at our two faces, I smile at this moment of pleasure. I invite the boy to turn around, and we kiss each other hard, rubbing and caressing each other with passion. He is very excited by my bulge, I by his, he discovers this material that he does not know, on him and on me.

I guide him to the bed, he lies down, offers himself, and I come on top of him. We keep rubbing each other and discovering our bodies. He is very excited and smiles with pleasure while discovering the fabric on my body. He moans when I wank him, he wanks me with energy, he comes to lick my sex through the fabric. In my turn I lie down, and invite him to come on top of me. He comes and goes back and forth kissing me. I'm slowly removing his mask. He keeps his eyes closed for a moment, then we look at each other and keep rubbing each other. We're in the height of excitement.

I come on him, jerk off his sex through the lycra, faster and faster. He moans in rhythm, the tension rises, and he finally ejaculates in the fabric. I lie on him, hold his arms behind his head, and come and go on his body, until I also come, before lying next to him, full of pleasure.

When he comes down to get his clothes, he sends me a message from below:
- cool
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#2 Posted : 11 May 2019 16:28:24(UTC)

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Ooooo, I love cumming into my lycra stuff!! Usually in my speedos under various outfits like spandex leggings or shorts, cycle shorts, and one of my favorites, stretch jeans!!! I love to see and FEEL these get wet and slippery!!!
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#3 Posted : 12 May 2019 00:53:45(UTC)

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I went to a porn shop last weekend that has a video arcade. Went to a booth and two guys followed me in. Dressed in full Lycra. I let them grope and feel me up until I exploded a load in my tights. It was so hot!
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#4 Posted : 13 May 2019 09:20:22(UTC)

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What an awesome experience @gaysex! Would love to experience something like that too. @Spandexfreak... I'm also in SoCal and would totally enjoy groping and feeling you up too. Let me know when you head to the arcade next.
#5 Posted : 18 May 2019 11:11:06(UTC)

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That was so hot, what an experience!
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