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#1 Posted : 18 October 2012 23:04:01(UTC)

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I have a regular guy that i meet with that likes to blow in my spandex jocks or speedos, he loves my choice of underwear which sometimes includes jock straps. We met while we were out one night and he told me he was looking for a spandex wearing cock sucker to use when he is horny. Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

At first, he would get me to his house, I had to strip to my speedos or spandex at the door and then walk to his room. He would rub my bulge, then order me to bend over. He would rub my ass and then give it a bit of a spank. He would then rub his bulge on my ass and dry hump me, calling me his little faggot whore. I would then be order to strip and he would put the speedos on. Then told to get on my knees. He would rub his bulge in my face, asking me how it felt to be treated as a whore and just used for someones pleasure. He would then pull his cock out and feed it to me. Telling me to suck it like a good bitch. I got so turned on and would always want to wank off while I sucked, but he didnt let me.

When it was time to cum, he would push my head off his cock and put it back into the speedos to explode into. He blows such a big load. After he had blown his load, he would take off the speedos and tell me to put them on. Then he would tell me to get dressed and leave. I would have to go home with the speedos all wet and cum filled, smelling the cum aroma as I drove home. I would always get home and lick and sniff the speedos while I would wank off thinking of what a cock sucking whore I had just been. As time went on, he would sometimes like to feed me a bit of his load and blow a bit into my speedos. He knew I was cum hungry so he liked to help me out with a taste here and there.

One day he told me to go to his place but he didnt want to let me inside, he wanted me to feel like a dirty whore and he got me to go to his garage. He told me I had to drop off a pair of my jocks in his letterbox and then go to the garage and strip to my underwear. I was wearing shiny black spandex jocks. I was so nervous stripping off in his garage, was scared that one of his housemates would walk on. Nevertheless, I stripped off. I was so hard just standing there in the spandex, knowing he was about to come in and treat me as his cock sucking bitch.

He came in wearing the jocks i had left him in the letterbox. They were green spandex. He ordered me onto my knees. The plan was, I was to suck his dick, he was going to blow in the jocks he was wearing and blow a bit in the jocks i was wearing. Then after he blows, we were to go our seperate ways, he would keep the green spandex jocks for a week and blew a few of his loads in them. He also wanted to get other guys to blow their loads in them and he would give them back to me to sniff and wank off with.

I was so hard while I was on my knees in my black spandex jocks, he was rubbing his bulge in my face calling me a little faggot. He was telling me that I should be a gloryhole slut and suck guys off for hours and have cum shot all over me and my jocks. Then he pulled his cock out and slapped me in the face with it. He is uncut and leaks a lot of precum, as I do. I could feel all his juices splashing over my face. He then said suck it bitch, I asked if I could just lick up his precum first and run my tongue around his foreskin. He said I could have a quick lick of his foreskin, but had to hurry up and suck his dick. So licked up all his precum and happily started sucking him.

He was face fucking me for a while and holding my head in place, I could taste more and more precum so i knew he was close to blowing his load, he loves how i suck dick. I could hear him moaning more, then he just held my head in place and shoved his cock in my mouth as far as he could. He exploded and held my head in place for his entire orgasm then told me to swallow. He wouldnt let me mouth off his cock til he heard the gulp of the cum going down my throat. It took two gulps because it was such a big load. I was so turned on, I love the feeling of a hard cock exploding in my mouth, feeling the cum gush from his balls, straight into my mouth.

He said that he couldnt resist dumping his load in my mouth. He said there will be enough cum in the jocks after he has had them for a week. My spandex was filled with precum because I was so hard being used as his cock sucker in his garage. I had to stop myself from cumming in the spandex as I could feel his cock blasting cum in my mouth.

For a week he used them to blow in while he was wanking off. He had also had other guys visit to service his cock and he got them to blow their loads in them while they were on their knees sucking him. After a week, I got a text and he told me to go and visit him again, this time he let me inside his house. He got me in his room and told me to sniff the spandex jocks that had been filled with at least 6 loads of cum. I could see the cum stains on the spandex and it turned me on so much. I was in heaven sniffing the cum stained spandex jocks. I was so hard. He told me that was my reward for being such a good cock sucker. He got me to lick the stains as well so I could get a bit of a taste, even though they were dry. Once you get enough saliva on them, the cum taste and texture returns, so it was great. He got me on my knees and I was sucking him off while sniffing the cum stained jocks, i was so hard. He was calling me a poof and a faggot whore and a dirty cock sucker.

When he was ready to cum he put the jocks over his cock and then told me to suck it like that thru the spandex. So i did as i was told like a good little cock sucker. The feeling of his spandex covered cock, shoved in my mouth was great. I was so hard and leaking precum badly. I could hear him moaning more and then he shot his load. I could feel it cuming thru the spandex and i was licking it up off the spandex covered head of his cock
My jocks were so wet and full of precum. He told me that I could cum in my spandex jocks this time because he wanted me to drive home with them wet and cum filled and he wanted the cum aroma to make me even more horny on my way home. When I got home, I had to wank off again while sniffing the spandex jocks, I was so turned on by the entire scenario. He makes me feel like such a cum whore.
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#2 Posted : 22 October 2012 12:40:56(UTC)

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Mmmmm that makes me wanna suck your speedos as you drive home!!!!
#3 Posted : 24 November 2012 21:25:40(UTC)

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that was great seemed like you just pulled that out of my head creamed my jock in my spandex with out touching my self and then went back and beat off again soaking my pants again thank you very much got to wear
#4 Posted : 11 February 2013 12:09:52(UTC)

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Man, I almost jazzed on the train just from reading that, luckily wasn't wearing any lycra, but back home and can spunk in my spandex at the thought of your dirty hot adventurers!
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#5 Posted : 28 May 2013 18:10:14(UTC)

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this sounds just like my type of encounters! can I get his number? :)
#6 Posted : 18 June 2013 18:48:58(UTC)

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Great story! I loved it!
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